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16th April, 5:47pm Colin's Dad said:

Hope the weathers kind!

17th April, 11:05am Chloe Pooley said:

Looking forward to this very special occasion, for these two lovelies to tie the knot in the merry month of May. Also looking forward to the social side of the wedding, and seeing those bluebell carpeted woods.

17th April, 6:32pm Gav 'n' Claire said:

.....Arrh of course…. the Bluebell ( Endymion non-scriptus) or Wild Hyacinth, not to be confused with the bluebell of Scotland or Harebell, it’s almost too familiar to need detailed description. When left undisturbed, and it is a perennial, it can form huge carpets of blue which delight the eye and proved irresistable to the flower picker, in the days when wildflowers were unprotected. The specific name non-scriptus, meaning ‘not written’, requires explanation. The name Hyacinthus was given orignally to the species of lily with petals marked with dark spots, supposed to form the Greek word Ai, meaning ‘alas’. The legend was that the youth Hyacinthus had been changed into a flower by Apollo (Greek God of light, music and prophecy). The Bluebell lacks these spots, and so can be said to be ‘without writing’

Let the blue bells ring out on May 7th!!!!!.................All the Best…...

18th April, 10:35am Colin said:

Gav, I hate to be a pedant but I feel you should know that strictly the English bluebell is now known as Hyacinthoides non-scripta, formerly known as Endymion non-scriptus ;-)

For everyone else, you can find some nice pictures here. Hopefully you’ll be able to take some of your own on the day, that is assuming you can see them through the torrential rain – you have all got umbrellas haven’t you?!?

18th April, 12:09pm ingy said:

col – i’m assuming we should be wearing our wellingtons outside, yes?
I shall endeavour, naturally, for sartorial coordination no matter what the footwear involved may be.

18th April, 1:19pm Karyn said:

What a fantastic idea, to allow us to comment and discuss what is promising (I’ve had words)to be a beautiful sunshiney day….a few funny/cute photos of the lovely couple might round it off..but perhaps I should quit whilst I’m ahead!

18th April, 2:57pm Colin said:

ingy – sensible shoes yes… wellingtons only necessary if you are unable / unwilling to skip like a squirrel through the undergrowth to avoid the muddier sections.

If you were thinking of wearing your stillettos, I would have to advise against ;-)

19th April, 8:41am Colin said:

Colin and ClaireKaryn, your wish is my command. If I find any more I’ll stick them up somewhere – or if any of you have any good ones send ‘em over to us.

If you’re wondering, this was taken at a party by Jackie P (then Jackie Barnett) only about a year after we first met. Ahhhhhh.

19th April, 10:07am Matthew John said:

Hello Colin and Claire,

Looking forward to the wedding, and seeing the pink fade effect that COlin has added to this website when you add a comment.

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